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Morphic Fields

A Struggle for Balance

by Thomas Micchelli on September 10, 2016

author for Hyperallergic, New York

„The muscular abstractions of Ivo Ringe may appear to have little in common with the calibrated colored squares of Josef Albers or the mysticism of Joseph Beuys — or, for that matter, the science of classical proportions, the cellular patterns of plants, or the molecular growth of crystals — but such disparate concerns constitute the connective tissue that makes them what they are.

Ringe, who was born in 1951 in Bonn, Germany, studied with Beuys at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the early 1970s, where he crossed paths with fellow student Anselm Kiefer. Having worked in printmaking and sculpture before turning to paint and canvas, he resisted the Neo-Expressionist indulgences that held sway among his peer group, engaging instead in a measured approach that had more in common with Beuys’s minimalist protégés, Blinky Palermo and Imi Knoebel. …“


Morphic Field

Hionas Gallery – IVO RINGE: Morphic Fields

IVO RINGE: Morphic Fields


New York, NY (August 30, 2016) Hionas Gallery is pleased to announce that to open its fall 2016 season the gallery will present Ivo Ringe: Morphic Fields, a solo exhibition comprising a series of new canvases produced in house. For this show, the artist’s first solo effort in the U.S., Ringe’s concrete abstractions are fields composed of interactive colors and harmonic forms, applied using pigmentations produced from scratch and universally dictated by the golden ratio and other proportions.

Ringe’s process is that of a biologist or mathematician. He applies axis points throughout the picture plane, at first achieving a tenuous balance, then renders each a point of convergence until the entirety forms an interconnected force of nature – a molecular dance that is both structurally sublime and free of symmetry, finite yet flexible. In that sense, the lines that bind the points are not necessarily random or even multidirectional, but all part of a singular event, a proliferation of cells rapidly evolving into an organism.

Alongside Ringe’s morphic structural compositions will be a set of Field paintings, large geometric abstractions composed of complementary color fields and a singular form floating in space. Rounding out this body of work will be a selection of paintings in which both approaches are combined, laying morphic structures atop geometric fields, thus creating the exhibition’s namesake. In seeking the creation of a positive proportional balance in every plane, Ringe affixes the golden section as well as other proportions as the stable and ruling element in an otherwise combustible formula.


Sunday Morning, 2016, Acryl / Linnen, 48 x 40 inch.


The Bull, 2016, Acryl / Linnen, 48 x 40 inch

In the artist’s words, “When you look at waves crashing or a fire burning, the individual forms get lost in the motions, and those vibrations elicit a chemical response for the viewer. The patterns and proportions become what we experience, all these life forces coming together as one, and that space becomes a habitat for the subconscious.”

The opening reception for Morphic Fields will take place on Wednesday, September 7, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The artist will be present. For more information visit www.hionasgallery.com.

Ivo Ringe (b.1951, Bonn, Germany) lives and works in Cologne. He studied sculpture and graphic arts with Josef Beuys and Rolf Sackenheim at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the 1970s. He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe for nearly quarter of a century. Ringe lectures regularly on color theory, free drawing, and painting techniques in his native Germany, and since 2014 has served as Artistic Director of the Ateliers Fine Arts, Rheinische Friedrich‐Wilhelms, University of Bonn.






Alain Biltereyst



November 18 – December 13

This exhibition of paintings featuring the color black — all of relatively small size to enhance visual coherence — was curated by the German artist Ivo Ringe and the American artist, Joe Barnes.  The exhibition concept was developed by Ivo Ringe, Joe Barnes and Po Kim, the Korean-American artist and co-founder of the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery.

The exhibition curators have made the following statement concerning the theme of „Painting Black“:

Every painter has the „non-color“ black as his ultimate antagonist.  When everything is black, we cannot see anything anymore — only black.  All is hidden within the blackness and has no figure or form. Black swallows all.


 This addresses the core-issue of the painter: To shape and figure existence, to allow differentiation to shine — background and foreground, form and size — articulated from the mere infinite.  Then how can black support this pursuit rather than rendering it invisible? Black can be used as a means of structure.  It allows the distinction between surface and background. Black can highlight plasticity and depth. Many artists have had periods in which they were fascinated by the conditions that black offers.  They have used it as a means to focus on the artistic process of creation. The artists shown in the exhibition are distinguished by the fact that they manage to convey dimension, structure and meaning in spite of the „hindrance“ of the non-color: black.  As a result, their works act as meditative contemplations, artworks which open portals within ourselves.Ansicht

The exhibition includes artists from the United States and several European nations.  As such, it continues one of the missions of the Wald/Kim Gallery: working with national and international artists to provide a catalyst for intercultural dialogue between the diverse artistic community of New York and the artistic communities of the world. By working together with national and international artists, the organization aims to provide a catalyst for deeper intercultural dialogue between the diverse community of New York and the artistic communities of the world

Contemporary artists in the exhibition:

Tim Allen (Great Britain)

Amy Antin (USA/ Germany)

Joe Barnes (USA)

Wayne Barnes (USA)

Mats Bergquist (Sweden/Italy)

Alain Biltereyst (Belgium)

Katrina Blannin (Great Britain/Sweden)

Britta Bogers (Germany)

Paul Brand (Switzerland/Norway)

Vincent Como (USA)

Christoph Dahlhausen (Germany)

Matthew Deleget (USA)

Edgar Diehl (Germany)

Rupert Eder (Germany)

Friedhelm Falke (Germany)

Jon Groom (Great Britain/Germany)

Mark Harrington (USA/Germany)

Michelle Jaffé (USA)

Michael Jäger (Germany)
Bruno Kurz (Germany)

Erin Lawlor (Great Britain)

Robert C. Morgan (USA)

Udo Rathke (Germany)

Ivo Ringe (Germany)

Rolf Rose (Germany)

Barbara Rosengarth (Germany)

Michel Rouillard (USA)

Richard Schneider (Germany)

Regine Schumann (Germany)

Jürg Stäuble (Switzerland)

Heiner Thiel (Germany)

Dolf Verlinden (The Netherlands)

Cecilia Vissers (The Netherlands)

Don Voisine (USA)

Maria Wallenstal-Schoenberg (Sweden/Germany)

Miro Zahra (Germany)

To add historical perspective to the exhibition, two American artists of the Abstract Expressionist era who often emphasized black in their work are included: Rollin Crampton and Sal Sirugo.


Photos: Maria Wallenstal-Schoenberg