EST ist was IS war

07/ Continuing where IS-projects left off in 2019, EST ist was IS war was a multi faceted exhibition containing an outside mural by Cologne based artist Lars Breuer, among paintings, mixed media and sculpture by an international roster of artists. Including: Kirstin Arndt, Linda Arts, Lars Breuer, Frauke Dannert, René Eicke, Sebastian Freytag, Billy Gruner, Ivo Ringe and Katleen Vinck. August 14 – 29, 2021.

Venue: Papegaaisbolwerk 20
Open on Thu – Sat 1 – 5 pm, Sun 2 – 5 pm 
Visitors: 150

Special thanks to associated artists

Sebatian Freytag: 2/Untitled, 2019, Stone monochromes, 140 x 100 cm;Ivo Ringe: „I came from the North with the Sun in my Eyes“, 2021, acryl/linen, 50x40cm

14 Aug 2021 – 29 Aug 2021

EST art foundation, Leiden