naugural show at 94 Walker Street

November 6 – December 11, 2021

Featured artists include Karlos Carcamo, Robert
Otto Epstein, John Franklin, Eleni
Giannapolou, Robert Goldman, Dennis
Hollingsworth, Jill Levine, Ariane Lopez-Huici,
Stephen Maine, Bobbie Oliver, David Rhodes,
Ivo Ringe, Rebecca Smith, Gary Stephan,
Jason Stopa, Melanie Vote, and Joan

TEN marks a spiritual return to Hionas’ roots.
Beginning in the spring of 2011, Peter Hionas
opened a modest storefront gallery on Franklin Street in Tribeca, not much bigger than the
current space, and established a mission to invite contemporary and emerging artists to
participate in monthly exhibitions to showcase their latest work and artistic vision. One year and
12 solo shows later, the gallery presented the group show ONE, featuring select individual
works by all artists showcased in the gallery’s inaugural year. Today, 10 years, four gallery
spaces, and dozens of solo and group exhibitions later, Hionas returns to Tribeca with a new
200 square-foot space, which features double-height ceilings and a street-facing gallery wall to
draw in viewers.
TEN brings together an all-star international lineup of artists working in all variety of media –
including painting, photography, sculpture, and installation – who have previously exhibited at
Hionas over the years, most of them in multiple shows and several in more than one space.
According to Hionas, “We’ve put on incredible shows and featured so many fantastic artists
throughout the years, all in small spaces where you can really engage with their work. I want to
keep that going, and this new jewel box space of ours on Walker Street feels like home.”